VIZIO HDTV Cyber Monday 2013

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I am very disappointed in the replacement tv you sent us. It was less than half the value of the tv that got replaced VIZIO HDTV Cyber Monday 2013. We were told that it was the closest tv that matched our specs. We are not idiots. If it were indeed the same the tv would be priced the same and the QUALITY of the tv wouldnt be so subpar compared to what we are used to with our other tv. The HDMI ports are very hard to get too as well as fewer than what we had before which means we cant plug all our equipment in. Instead we have to keep unplugging things. The power cord is crap and is annoyingly hard to also get in. The entire tv feels cheap. NOT led when they said it was like our other one. And the tv remote feels like it will slide out your hands and break it is so cheap VIZIO HDTV Cyber Monday 2013. It has foze on us multiple times upon turning it on and the wifi connection on it is slower. But we called Vizio back and they said they will re look in their warehouse to see if they have the model we had before it was replaced. If the Vizio warehouse does not have our tv would it not fair to have the next grade up as apposed to go down in value. We will appreciate help in this matter. Yes we are still under our original warranty. And on another note this new tv isnt even slim line. Its just a bulky peace of junk from the moment it was taken out of the non original box VIZIO HDTV Cyber Monday 2013.